Sargent Peppers Rooibos

Sargent Peppers Rooibos


Citrus orange notes rhumba through lightly la cucaracha hot rooibos. Cup has a sweet lightly Mexican hot finish. Simply refreshing.

There is much mystery and speculation surrounding the Beatles’ 1967 opus, Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. For example on the cover, among the people in the group portrait are wax figures of the band in their younger years staring down at a grave that has The Beatles written on it. Was there a death in the band at the time? Some speculate that Paul McCartney may have passed on years ago and the person out saving the seals these days is merely an impostor. Or, what does Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds really mean? Is it a thinly veiled reference to LSD? Or is it as John Lennon claimed, a reference to a trippy drawing done by his son Julian? Who knows? What is known for sure is that nothing about the album, past or present has anything to do with Mexico.

Until now! Introducing Sergeant Pepper’s Orange Lonely Hearts Club Band Rooibos with a spicy Latin kick! Where the Beatles got by with a little help from their friends, we’re getting by with the addition of dried orange pieces, fiery red peppercorns and popping hot chili peppers! Where they mixed their recording with the latest technology of the day, we’re mixing up the spice up with a mellow and herbaceous Rooibos from South Africa. Brew a pot, put on the album and get high man! Viva los Beatles!

Caffeine Level: None

IngredientsRooibos, Brazil pepper, Chili powder, Natural flavours