Moroccan Madness

Moroccan Madness


Bright and strong with a cool peppermint accent.

In The Ballad of East and West, Rudyard Kipling wrote, “East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet”. Perhaps Kipling never visited the kingdom of Morocco. Before European discovery of the Americas, Morocco was considered by many to be at the crossroads of the world. Situated just below Spain a short hop across the Straight of Gibraltar, Morocco was for hundreds of years an important link between East and West in terms of both commerce and culture. While it’s prominence as a trading mecca has diminished somewhat over the last hundred years or so, King Hassan II, Morocco’s reigning Monarch still likens his country to a desert palm tree: “rooted in Africa, watered by Islam and rustled by the winds of Europe.” We couldn’t have said it better if we tried. There is perhaps no Moroccan tradition that illustrates this constitution better than the brewing and serving of good strong Moroccan Mint tea.

It is believed that it was Europeans, specifically the English that introduced Moroccans to tea. Although no one is certain, the first shipments of tea to the country probably arrived via British interests in China. The beverage was an instant hit with the Muslim populace who already had a custom of drinking a hot beverage made of locally grown mint leaves. The British tea fit right into their lifestyle. Before long, it was discovered that when the tea was added to the mint beverage, which was heavy and harsh, the cup smoothed out and became much more palatable. And so East met West in a most satisfying way.

We’re pleased to offer the next best thing to a trip to a Marrakech tea stall, Moroccan Madness tea. Moroccans say that tea should be bitter as death, sweet as life and as mellow as love. With our blend of Sri Lankan and Indian teas and Washington state mint, (some of the finest mint in the world), we’ve believe we’ve captured that in this cup. Taste the flavors of worlds colliding!