Blueberry White Tea

Blueberry White Tea


Chinese Pai Mu Tan is blended with blueberries, enhancing the sweetness of this full leaf-and-bud tea.

Wow, people love blueberries – and have done for a long time too. Check out this 1897 newspaper article from the Yarmouth Daily News in Nova Scotia, Canada’s blueberry capital.

“One of the blueberry wagons that are so conspicuous at the Yarmouth Steamship Company’s wharf, broke down on Water Street this morning while heavily laden with fruit, which was quickly strewn about the street. The load was transferred to another wagon but not before the small boys had succeeded in having a glorious feast.”

These days, in our world of chocolate bars and junk food, while blueberries aren’t likely to create a stampede of hungry children, they are still one of the best-loved fruits around. And for good reason too. The tiny blue fruit is marvelously sweet, and incredibly good for you. In fact, in addition to being chock full of antioxidants, a recent Japanese study showed that blueberries may even give carrots a run for their money in the eye department due to a compound called anthocyanin in the fruit’s blue pigment.

Well, we’ve taken this beloved fruit and used it to create something as delicious and healthy as the berry itself. Blending the goodness of fresh blueberries with a white Pai mu tan from Fujian, this tea heralds sweet luscious notes of berry floating over the jammy character of the base tea – absolutely glorious. (Like most fruit flavored teas, Blueberry White is fantastic served piping hot or over ice!)

Caffeine Level: Low

IngredientsWhite tea, Natural flavours