Clotted Cream FAQ's

Where is the Clotted Cream that you usually carry?
Importing Clotted Cream from the United Kingdom requires a permit to import, unfortunately we do not have access to this as an independent retail location. Our supplier was not given a permit for 2020 (as of July 2020) and cannot import Clotted Cream without incurring large tariffs and taxes. 

Why is this Clotted Cream so expensive?
As we do not have a permit to import we are subject to excess tariffs and taxes when it arrives into Canada from the United Kingdom. Currently we are experiencing a tariff of up to 70% of the retail price of the cream. 

Is there a cheaper way to get Clotted Cream?
You can make Clotted Cream at home with 35% Whipping Cream, click here for a recipe that we have used ourselves. If you have any questions about the process please give us a call at 905-690-9987 

Does this cream taste the same?
It does! Cottage Delight Clotted Cream is produced by the same manufacturer of Clotted and Double Cream (Blue and Green lid) that we have carried previously. 

Do I have to refrigerate this Clotted Cream?
Yes and No - what is unique about this product is that it is shelf stable and does not require refrigeration until it has been opened. As you may remember the Clotted and Double Cream we carried previously had to be refrigerated at all times. 

Can you ship the Cottage Delight Clotted Cream to me?
Yes! With it being shelf stable we can ship this via parcel shipping.