Jasmine Earthly Paradise

Jasmine Earthly Paradise


A top-grade jasmine. The processed leaves are layered between fresh jasmine flowers up to seven times during the drying process. Aromatic and soothing.

This Jasmine is an exceptionally well-made tea. The leaves have a very tight and wiry roll with an over abundance of white mottled tips. The ‘tippy’ nature of the tea signifies a superior tea. ‘Tip’ is only possible when the estate practices fine plucking and a 3 or 4 day plucking rotation. The mottled effect is from teas that are plucked in the first 2-4 weeks of the new season when the days are warm but the night temperatures are piercingly cool. Further into the season when the evenings are warm as well, the bush grows 24 hours per day eliminating the possibility of fine plucking. The quality of this exceptional Jasmine evokes adjectives such as complex, subtle and mystery from long-unopened jewelry boxes.

New Jasmine blossoms become available about mid May. The new blossoms have the most intense fragrance. After the blossoms are layered between the fine green teas, slightly warmed air is drawn through the layered tea. The delicate fragrance of the blossoms imparts itself on the tea. Interestingly Jasmine blossoms are used about 9 times. It is only during the 2nd use of the Jasmine blossoms that this tea made. Each time the Jasmine is used the flavour becomes less delicate and subtle. The more common grades of Jasmine contain the flowers. You will note that this tea has virtually no flower petals, an additional sign of superb quality.

Caffeine Level: Low

Ingredients: Green tea, Jasmine petals